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R U Tuff Enuff?to join the NEW Reality Fan Football League??

Reality Football IS the new Fantasy Football and is better than Fantasy Football. Reality Football is where the fans are in control!

What is the National Reality Football League?

Imagine a reality-based series that highlights football teams nationwide. Their players, coaches, dancers, managers, families, and friends; their day-to-day lives, their training, their hopes, their dreams, all documented and viewed by millions. Imagine your vote having the power to impact each player’s life...now you’re beginning to understand what the National Reality Fan Football League (NRFFL) is all about!

R U Tuff Enuff?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you think your talent is being overlooked? Feel like life is robbing you of your football, dance, or cheerleading dreams of achievement? Our players have the talent to play with the pros, the personalities to be on television, and are paid to play! Find out if you have the talent and guts to make it through our training — register for the draft today and get ready to compete!


You got this!

Is the NRFFL for you?

Yes, we need players and dancers, but we’re also seeking supporting “players”! Feel like you’re stuck in a boring, dead-end management job or are you a part-time coach? We’re looking for a few special people who believe about building into athletes’ lives and helping them reach their full potential. Light a fire in people’s lives by becoming a manager or coach with the NRFL — send us your info! Help make dreams come true — become part of the NRFL by clicking here

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